Thursday, June 6, 2013

How To Make Baby Names

Hi everyone!

Names are part of a proper noun which is somehow used as the identification of an individual. That name may reflect or oppose to your personal being. Some names are modern, old-fashioned, unique, and funny!

The basic methods of making baby names are combination of 2 or more names, basing on the biblical meanings, or use the names of the favorite personalities.

When I became a mom-to-be, I searched for baby names too while I was still pregnant. Do you hear about Kabbalah? Here’s how I formulate the names:

 Josh Railey Cyrus – This was originally planned as Josh Railey only to have the initials JR and the 8. But my husband added Cyrus when filling out the Live Birth Certificate for the reason that Cyrus is his favorite basketball player in Philippine sports. LOL! Josh is a short name of a Biblical name, Joshua, which means salvation, savior, deliverer. Railey means roe deer’s meadow (again? :-)). They said it’s a girl’s name but I don’t hear a female individual with that name, even in movies. And Cyrus means lord, king, throne. I tried to make a sentence out of his name – “God the King, our savior of the whole universe!”
Rianna Laine Rogero – This was originally planned as Rianne Raine to have all R’s and to get the 8. But I changed my mind on the day before my labor. I decided on Rianna Laine to follow my name initials, RL. LOL! Rianna, sounds like the name of the famous singer, Rihanna. Well, my baby girl loves to sing too! The meaning of Rianna is great queen or goddess. Laine means meadow (I just love meadows, being fresh ;-)) and path or roadway. So, it’s like “Make way for the Queen!”

Hahaha! I feel like I’m silly on making names for my kids, but it turned out well and we love them!

Now, it’s my pleasure to tell something about mine. I was born as an eldest daughter of Rogelio and Leonila. As welcomed into the Christian world, they gave me the unique name – RONA LEE.

My parents chose to give me that name because as a firstborn, they think I should carry their names and I think it suits me. I got their features – all aspects.🙂 Here’s how the combination was made:

 RO – first 2 letters of Rogelio
 LE -first 2 letters of Leonila

In Hebrew and Norse, my name Rona means my joy and mighty strength respectively.

And Lee means “meadow or pasture“.

How about you? Do you know the story of your name?

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