Saturday, September 3, 2016

Royal Child Academy: Buwan Ng Wika 2016

My kids looking like
late president Marcos and first lady, Imelda 😀
On the launching of Buwan ng Wika, I only made my kids wore the KKK attire for my son and Baro't Saya for my daughter.

When they saw their schoolmates wearing grandeous costumes, they complained to their father. Hahaha! Especially my girl who really wanted to look like a princess. So, as a normal mom who wants best for kids, I ordered my dressmaker to make this gown for her.

Best in Filipiniana Costume in K1 Category

I thought that this event is just like any other school's way of celebrating Buwan ng Wika - performing only the Filipiniana dances, OPM, parade of costumes, poetry, etc. I never expected they have Sabayang Bigkasan (Speech Choir) for as early as Grade 1 pupils.

Sabayang Bigkasan - Manuel L. Quezon

My 1st grader son is among the participants. They were selected through a sort of an audition. Whoever memorizes a poem in the elimination a week before Buwan Ng Wika culmination will be in Sabayang Bigkasan. They were grouped by the tone of their voice - Loud, Medium and Light.

Light Voice costume for Sabayang Bigkasan

Hope to see my kids participate in every school event in the next years.

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