Sunday, May 31, 2015

Traditional Childhood Games

When was the last time you ever see kids playing hide and seek?

Or would you rather teach your kids play that kind of game or any traditional games you had in childhood?

Last weekend, I saw neighborhood kids tugging something. And I realized it’s a jumping rope – the kind of rope I played when I was at their age. Something nostalgic resides in me for a moment. I can see they don’t know how to play it. So I approached them and started teaching them. Twirl, jump, count! They easily get tired and made just 3 jumps or less. Everyone left me holding the rope and then go to another game they want – could be biking, playhouse and just running around.

During my childhood, when the clock hits 3 PM, it means playtime. Outside with kids from the neighborhood. We played not only 1 game but almost all the game we know. Some of them were games that are passed on from generation to generation and some were games that we just think of while playing like:
  • dancing ball where a team aims to hit with a ball all the members of the other team inside the square
  • McDo Tag which is just similar to Tag where the person caught by the It pose like McDonalds (hands forming an M on the head and feet apart) then wait for someone to save him by going through under his legs
  • and our own version of Amazing Race.😉
  • Sometimes, we do acting and imitate the scene of our favorite movie or TV program. We always followed the horror ones then ended up chasing one another. LOL! We go home when it’s 6 PM so that means we enjoyably spent our 3 hours with fun and learning.


Outdoor games can be played almost anytime anywhere. Unlike today, kids were not attached to screens and gadgets. They prefer to go outside and sweat. No worries on the materials as they can only be found around the surroundings.

Involvement. For the reason that outdoor games can be played anytime and anywhere, they are open to a wide range of ages and numbers of players, hence, every single child is involved.

Self-confidence. When someone wants to get involved, he should develop the confidence within himself to enable him to mingle with others and join in the outdoor games.

Aside from being simply great fun, it allows the whole body to work in unison – senses, mind, and even the locomotor skills.

Playing these outdoor games is a very good preparation for everyday life as it’s their chance to experience the real world. Child’s personality is enhanced especially the factors of physical, interpersonal and social skills.

In addition to creativity where they learn and curiosity to explore more is planning. Outdoor games encourage children to struggle, solve the problem and eventually complete the task through their own ways.

Lastly, but not the least, outdoor games are the best method to instill the value of sportsmanship to every child. Facing the challenge, accepting defeat, being a humble winner, or waiting for one’s turn. These are just some of the simple traits but the most valuable.

At home. For the reason that these outdoor games create space and time, moms should spare these priceless things to be with kids.

At school. Moms can suggest school teachers to engage kids into outdoor activities or traditional games.

While posting this, I am already thinking of what outdoor games I'll teach to my kids.

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