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Camiguin Family Tour

Camiguin is an island in the Visayan Region of the Philippines. Its name was derived from the native word Kamagong, a kind of ebony tree that grows in Surigao del Norte where Manobos came from. Manobos were the early inhabitants of Camiguin who use the language, Kinamigin.
It started last 2014 that my siblings planned on something great for our parents' wedding anniversary. The original plan was a renewal of their vows but it's costly - church, dresses, reception, etc. We chose something that is exclusive for our family only. Then we agreed on a family tour - in Camiguin.

Camiguin is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire because it has 7 volcanoes.

Camiguin is a place where the tropical fruit, Lanzones abundantly grow. Great thing, it was Lanzones festival when we went there!

The day's our initial itinerary. Though this was just a rough estimate coz we had more time than estimated here as we left earlier.
After breakfast we left for Jagna, Bohol riding in a van which was provided by our tour agent. It was 1-hour travel from our home in Tagbilaran City. At Jagna port, we rode on Ocean Jet Fastcraft for Camiguin. It was a sunny weather but still the waves were huge. Make sure you have your white flower or bonamine with you. 😀


We had our brunch at Queobe Restaurant located at a hill top...sumptuous food, soft acoustic band, breezy air and fresh lanzones.

Then the contacted van picked us and headed to our resting place - July's Haven. The cottage is cozy - has 2 airconditioned bedrooms, living room with cable TV, kitchen and dining room, toilet and bath room and a porch with a rocking chair. Hahaha.

This is the outside view. Bar, kiosk and a hammock is in the corner.

WIFI is slow...but it's okay, laptop is for movie purposes only.

Siblings Room has 3 beds - 1 for my youngest sis and bro, 1 for my 2 sis, and 1 for me and the kids. The master bedroom has 2 beds. But only 1 is enough for Ma and Pa. *wink*

Kitchen is complete with basic utensils, thermo pot and refrigerator. We were not allowed to cook so we ordered from the receptionist.

After our short nap, our family went to a night swimming at Mt. Hibok-Hibok Ardent Hot Spring for relaxing our nerves after a long, wavy trip. It is the most popular among the 6 hot springs in Camiguin.


 The next morning, we had our little relaxing time before we get on with our countryside tour.

1st Stop: Sunken Cemetery - actually a submerged town after the volcanic eruption in 1871. We didn't go to the cross in the middle of the sea and neither we had plan to dive and see the sunken cemetery. We find it creepy. PhP50.00 per head for the boat.

2nd Stop: Old Church Ruins - where walls, bell tower and part of the altar are the only ones left after the volcanic eruption in 1871. Donations only to enter the spot.

3rd Stop: Walk Way to Old Volcano - with life-sized statues for the Stations of the Cross. An environmental fee of PhP5.00 to go up.

4th Stop: Soda Water Park - where the water tastes like soda. The water from their fountain is actually potable and they say it has healing elements. Water is free and you can fill your bottles but it's PhP30.00 for the entrance fee.

5th Stop: Sto. Niño Cold Spring - has a temperature of 20°C. The most popular among the 3 cold springs in Camiguin. Another PhP30.00 for the entrance fee and half for kids. We rented one picnic shed for PhP75.00.
6th Stop: Katibawasan Falls - which is 250 meter tall and most popular among the 3 falls in Camiguin. PhP20.00 entrance fee and PhP5.00 for the kids.

With all the swimming and exhausting travels, we finally went back to our cottage. We prepared dinner for our parents' 28th wedding anniversary. 

Family pics on the night we celebrated our parents' 28th wedding anniversary.
Music jam and food trip at the kiosk
 Ma and Pa with their first pair of grand kids


1st Stop: White Island - uninhabited white sandbar in horseshoe shape. Tongue twister? Hahaha. It is very small that you can walk through the whole island within an hour, I think?
Excuse our faces. Hahaha. It was a very sunny day. The island has no trees or any kind of shade, unless there's an umbrella with you.

2nd Stop: Lanzones Festival - yeah we joined the flock! People are so disciplined, we found no trash in the streets and they don't just smoke anywhere. And we received free snacks while jostling through the crowd.

3rd Stop: Pasalubong Center - sorry I forgot to take pictures but we got 3 boxes (Tanduay cartons) of Lanzones and 4 packs of Pastel.

Later, we made our way back to our cottage and prepared to go home.

BEHIND THE SCENE: Mama sew all the ladies' white dresses.
By the way, this was supposedly a surprise. But 1 week before the tour, we had to inform them so they could file a vacation leave from their respective offices.

Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary Ma and Pa.

We pray that their next wedding anniversaries would be as fun and joyful as this...or even better!

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