Sunday, October 2, 2016

Cebu Happy Mong KidsPark

One of the good things about an entertainment park is it attracts both kids and parents.

Here in Cebu Happy Mong KidsPark, the whole family will enjoy inside the 3000 sq meters area of fun, rides and food.

Private vehicle - check!
Taxi cab - check!
Public Jeepney /  Multicab - check!

For a commuter from Lapu-Lapu City, get a multicab from Marina Mall with a route Bago-HiWay-Parkmall. Then stop at Bridge Town Square of Plaridel Street, Alang-Alang, Mandaue City. Happy Mong KidsPark is inside Bridge Town Square so just ask someone where is the entrance as the park is not seen from the front.


The regular fees are:
Adult - PhP50.00
Kids Unlimited Hours - PhP600.00
Kids 2 Hours - PhP350.00
But they offer discounts. Luckily, when we went there Happy Mong KidsPark has a Rainy Day Promo so we only paid:
Adult - PhP50.00
Kids Unlimited Hours - PhP295.00
Kids 2 Hours - PhP175.00

We only avail the 2-hour limit, that's enough time to drain me and my kids' strength. Lol!

After paying the entrance fees, go to the main entrance and take off your shoes. You will be given a basket for the shoes and a claim card number.

Smart move for a mom like me - I always bring socks when I know the place we would go has a playground. The whole ground is fully carpeted! Happy small feet!

1. Pedal Boat
I wonder how my son smoothly sailed the boat when it's his first time now. He said work on 2 axles for a straight direction, right axle to turn left and left axle to turn right. Hmm, okay. Smart thinking son! So remember those tips mommies.

Cebu Happy Mong KidsPark's boat ride has time limits. Below is their schedule for the ride.

2. Train Station
3. Bump Cars
Cebu Happy Mong KidsPark asks a separate fee for this. Get a coupon at the counter for PhP100 to be entitled for 1 ride.

4. There are other 5 rides adjacent the Bump Cars which will cost you PhP2.00 per token. My kids didn't ride on them because they find it common perhaps? Makes sense.

5. There is a Carousel Horse too that costs PhP20.00 for a ride.


1. Photo Booth
Never leave Cebu Happy Mong KidsPark without a remembrance so don't miss this corner.
The big frame you see serves as their monitor screen where the staff below is working on our photo. Back of the screen is their printer.
Here is the list of the rates of their photos. Photos are printed within 5 minutes after you pay at the counter and have a slip to claim the photo.

2. DIY Beads Booth
Another remembrance to take home from Cebu Happy Mong KidsPark is from this booth. Both parent and kid can do this as assembling the tiny beads requires patience. There are several patterns to choose from - mostly superheroes and cartoon characters.
Hey KidsPark, "Medium" with an E is the correct spelling! :-)
And your "Instruction" is lacking an R. :-)
As I've said, the assembly needs patience. We didn't finish off the pattern so we got nothing. Tsk!

3. 4D Rider
Unfortunately, this booth is not available as it's under technical repair.

4. Facebook - a huge cut-out poster made like an FB post. Just fit yourself on the window and snap, automatic 1 million likes! This poster is beside the trampoline where my little girl loves to hang out.

5. Music Room - a room with videoke, electric keyboard and a kiddie drum set.

6. Theater - also not available the time we're at Cebu Happy Mong KidsPark. Tsk!

I forgot to take pictures of the last 2 as my kids did not go there, they were fully occupied by other activities.

1. Inflatable Pirate Ship

2. Two Equally Sized Trampolines

3. Inflatable Police Station

4. Inflatable Shoe Slide

5. Jungle Gym

Mini Zipline inside the Jungle Gym where you push yourself to zip down

6. Blocks Area

Strictly no food from outside is allowed inside Cebu Happy Mong KidsPark. Snack Bar is always available to quench your thirst and satisfy your tummies after or in between exhausting merriments.

If your planning to hold a kid's party in Cebu Happy Mong KidsPark, then check this out!

*****update: new package list*****

Party will be held in this room, beside the snack bar.

This wide indoor attraction is safe for kids. The whole area is clean and well ventilated. So far, the staff are approachable.

This is not a paid advertisement, I just want to share our 2 hours of fun-filled experience. So if you want fun and wonderful moments, Cebu Happy Mong KidsPark is the right place for the whole family!
It's a lovely day!!!

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