Tuesday, October 4, 2016

DIY: Personalized Gift Boxes

At home right after school, my kids told me they will give gifts or any presents for their teachers on Teachers' Day. My initial plan was to buy flowers and cake on our way to school first thing in the morning. But I realized I have newly bought cosmetics and haven't used them even once, so I gave them away too.

I wanted to make the gifts look dramatic for the special event - Teachers' Day. I have paper bags in stock, unfortunately, they're too big. It's awkward! Then I thought of making my own personalized gift boxes. Here's how:

 1. Get a card board - either plain or glossy, depending on your preference. I chose the glossy one with prints for more dramatic effect.

2. Measure the gift item and spare an allowance so the gift won't look too crammed inside.

3. Fold and cut the board as shown.

4.Put your gift item inside and arrange the flaps well so they won't show outside the box. It's up to you whether you fix them with adhesives or not.

5. I didn't put adhesives, I just secured the personalized gift box with a ribbon.

And taadaa, the personalized gift is done and ready!

You can make other personalized gift boxes in different sizes and shapes especially the season of gift-giving is 2 months away. Just the follow the concept above.

Enjoy wrapping!

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