Saturday, October 29, 2016

Royal Child Academy: UNO 2016

My Korean chic and Chinito idol
Supposedly, the attire for my kids are Spain and USA. But two weeks before this event, both of them were hospitalized due to Dengue and Pneumonia. Which literally, made me financially short.

I cancelled my order to the dressmaker and find someone who can lend a UNO attire that will fit them.

My mom friend from my son's previous school have this Korean attire and gladly it suits my girl. Looked like tailored-fit for her! 😀

Luckily, my son's Chinese attire from 2 years ago in his nursery days still fits him.

This is my girl's first UNO event. Being sick didn't stopped them from participating. My ever supportive father came from Bohol to assist me and witness his grandchildren's performance.

Again, my daughter won a Best in Costume award!

To alleviate my son's feeling of not being awarded, my father let him wear the Best in Costume sash. 😀

Here is a glimpse of other UNO costumes. I am in deep awe of the parents' effort in bringing out the best costume for their child. I never expected this as my son's previous school is just simple or lax, whatever!

And here are the Mr. & Miss UNO 2016!

Hopefully, next year, in God's perfect time and will, I will really prepare for this event. Hahaha!

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