Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Royal Child Academy: Teachers' Day

Since October 5, 1994, World Teachers' Day is celebrated yearly to show appreciation and gratitude to our second parents - TEACHERS. This recognition has been implemented all over the world though in different dates because for some, they commemorate Teachers' Day in tribute for their local educator or milestone of their education, etc.
Teachers provide vital contributions to every mankind - from young to adult, and this day highlights their profession. One of the greatest responsibilities and privileges of a teacher is molding a person into a better citizen in the society, and eventually the whole world. Starting 6 or 7 years old, a child spends more time at school with the teacher and less time at home with the parents.

While other schools don't have classes (maybe to give teachers some rest), my kids' school, Royal Child Academy or RCA, celebrates Teachers' Day today. Unlike my son's previous institution, teachers and school staff neither take part in the preparation nor during the activity. Instead they train their Grade 6 students to arrange everything - from rehearsals until the program day. They only give guidance and time but not actually doing the task. This serves as their way to cultivate and develop the student's creativity and talent. It's a very good aim!

Decoration - with the aid of supportive parents, Grade 6 students contributed money for the materials.

Dance Presentation - 1 or 2 Grade 6 students were assigned per level (Grades 1 to 5) for the rehearsal. Nursery, K1, K2 levels were guided by their respective advisers.

Program - emcee's are, of course, the Grade 6 students again. Even the flow of the program were arranged by them.

Teachers' Indoor Games - supervised by the Grade 6 students
Trip to Jerusalem
Lemon Dance
Teacher-Student Paper Dance

Food / Gifts - though not compulsory, each student gave cards or tokens of appreciation to the teachers and staff. 
K1 Adviser - Jennifer Gutib
Grade 1 Adviser - Michelle Sanchez
English Subject Teacher - Lovely PacaƱa
School Registrar
 School Liaison Officer

I was not able to take pictures of my kids with all their teachers as the venue was crowded. The teachers were also preoccupied with picture takings from other parents/kids. 
Cake for all the RCA teachers and staff
Flowers for the teachers
My kids making the cards last night.

Here are the gifts for my kids' advisers. They were contained in my DIY boxes. To find out how to do these, please check my other post: How To Make Personalized Gift Boxes.

If you're a teacher or school admin, following the RCA way of celebrating Teachers' Day would make your moment even more special!

Happy Teachers' Day ma'ams and sirs!

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