Saturday, December 24, 2016

Easy Christmas Nail Art Designs

Hey there moms! Are you done doing your chores, particularly the laundry? Well, it's time for nail care! I usually do my nail art after washing plates or clothes because the cuticles were softened and it would make the nail routine easier and faster.

It's Christmas time so I'll be sharing here some of my easy nail art designs. These designs are easy as they only involves basic brushing and dotting technique. I only use toothpick as a dotting tool.
Santa Claus concept

Perhaps no one would mind seeing a not-so-perfect straight line for this design for your nails:
 Checkered and Polka Dots

If you want to deviate a little from reds, here's another style:
Winter or Frozen theme

If you want to use the Christmas colors, try these nail art designs:
Christmas Tree insight

 Christmas Garland

Oh Christmas Tree

By the way, I have strong fingernails that's why they won't easily break even after my laundry time. My nails would only break if I unseal a hard-to-open bottle cap of shampoo, facial cleanser, lotion, and the likes. That's one thing my mom friends like about me, too. Hahaha

Now, have your mani/pedi time and flash your finger and toe nails with the Christmas look! Hope to see your artistic nail art designs too!

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