Saturday, December 17, 2016

Printables: Grade 1 Questionnaires - 3rd Grading Prelim

Every mother is a multitasking worker. Yes, a 24/7 worker with the salary of love and affection. So much for the drama hahaha...I am sharing a tip for multitasking mommies - making questionnaires for your kid's exams.

This is a great help for me as I can leave my kids answering their questionnaires while I do my online job or the neverending mom-at-home household chores. Hahaha.

Photo above is my 1st grader son answering his questionnaire. Aside from being guilty of not doing this technique earlier, I also feel sorry for my mistake as I keep on pushing my firstborn to do this and that.

However, I've finally felt relief when I saw my son's scores are having progress since I've started making questionnaires for practice.

I printed 2 copies for each subject so he can answer the questionnaires twice - 2 days ahead and a day before the exam. Below is his exam schedule:

1st Day - MAPEH and Values Education
2nd Day - Mathematics, Science
3rd Day - English, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan

For example, Math is scheduled on Thursday. My 1st grader will answer the questionnaires on Tuesday and Wednesday as preparation.

When he's done with all the subject questionnaires, I reviewed the answers with him one-on-one then explain, correct the wrongs, etc.

If only I'm not a busy mom, I would have posted these 1 Grader Questionnaires earlier just in time for your kid's exam. But here they are, posted in the last day of school before Christmas vacation. Hahaha

For those who will have a first grader next year, hope these help.

Good luck mommies and kids!

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