Saturday, December 17, 2016

Printables: K1 Questionnaires - 3rd Grading Prelim

Hey moms! Are you in struggle in studying your kids for their periodic exams? If yes, then high five to us. But don't be too anxious or stressed as children learn naturally and gradually in their everyday life. 

However, I have some printables to share as a little guide for your preschool. These are my K1's questionnaires that I made for her to answer and prepare her for the exam.
The picture above shows the questionnaires for both my K1 and G1 kids. The questionnaires for my 1st Grader is posted separately.

I felt a bit guilty that I've done these at a later time. I should've done this technique earlier since 1st Grading. But as a mom, with all the responsibilities in the world (rolls eyes), I forgave myself. Hahaha!

So here they are:

I printed 2 copies for each subject so she can answer the questionnaires twice - 2 days ahead and a day before the exam.

For example, Language is scheduled on Friday. My K1 kid will answer the questionnaires on Wednesday and Thursday as preparation.

When they're done with all the subject questionnaires, I reviewed the answers with them one-on-one then explain, correct the wrongs, etc.

This is a great help for me as I can leave my kids answering their questionnaires while I do my online job or the neverending mom-at-home household chores. Hahaha.

Hmmm, my next mom at home project would be a PRINTER!

Good luck mommies and kids!

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