Saturday, December 3, 2016

DIY: Upcycled Christmas Wreath

Twenty Two Days to go and it's Christmas! Time to adorn our houses with the seasonal decorations to feel the yuletide essence. Though it's not necessary but when you have kids at home, they'll be the ones to tell you to. So aside from the Christmas tree, I have this Christmas wreath which I made out of the upcycled materials I found at home.
First, roam around the house and look for things that you can upcycle to put on the Christmas wreath.

Cardboard - I had an empty box of a wireless keyboard my husband bought.
Circle object of your desired size - I used plate.

Pieces you can put around the wreath - I found cartolina craps and woven abaca or Sisal mat used as bouquet wrappers that my sister's boyfriend gave her. You can also upcycle cloth, crepe paper, tinsels, etc. Just be creative. I collected the seasonal colors - green, red and yellow.

Scissors / cutter

Glue gun and glue stick

The next thing to do when all the materials are gathered is trace a circle on the board. Cut and make a whole on the inside.

The board is hard so I made my husband do the cutting.

While he's cutting, I prepared the embellishments to be put around the circle. Cut the Sisal mat in square pieces. Fold them in a triangular shape without making a crease. Secure the fold with glue stick.

After all the triangles are ready, lay and adhere them around the circle in alternate order. Be sure to overlap the pieces. Press the fold lines of the triangle pieces to make them look bulky, not flat.

You can add whatever ornaments to make it look more decorative. I put Christmas bells.

So it won't look alone in the wall, I added letters J and Y on both sides to form the word JOY.

Viola!!! Here's the final output!
JOY to the world!

'Tis the season to be jolly...falala lala lala lala

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