Saturday, January 28, 2017

Royal Child Academy: SportsFest 2017

This day at Lapu-Lapu City Auditorium held my kids' school 8th Annual SportsFest, a shortened word for sports festival - an event where students experience the enjoyable physical activities while learning the virtues of teamwork and sportsmanship.
Today's event is the first sportsfest my kids had ever participated. Their attire were in color coding by campus (Royal Child Academy of Mactan has four branches) paired with white short pants:
Aldea Campus
Pajo Campus
Poblacion Campus

We belong in the Poblacion campus - Pink Team! I, and other parents, printed our own t-shirt as well to conform with the kids.

I had no picture for Sudtunggan campus. They wore Lavender shirt.

There were 3 other campuses who joined the sportsfest. Franzine Learning Center, Jamaica Sabrina Learning Center and JM Hyland Institute of Learning Inc. They were the ones who opened the program with a drum and bugle corp.

The sportsfest started at 8:00 in the morning with a parade. Followed by a doxology performed by the teachers of RCA Sudtunggan campus.

Then the traditional lighting of torch...

The first part of the event was the Mr. & Miss Sportsfest 2017. The candidates were selected by campus. Again, I had no pictures of their sportswear attire and winners.

Grade 6 students of Poblacion campus showing their support to their classmate.

The next segment was the games! Two weeks before the sportsfest, the list of players was posted so the students could practice their designated sports event.

Here at RCA, real sports events were prepared for the grades 4 to 6 students:

Table Tennis

Nursery, K1, K2 and grades 1 to 3 students had their parlor games as well:

Bottle and Straw Relay
Ball Relay
Sack Race
Lemon Relay
Story Telling
Oral Reading

My 1st Grader son participated in Oral Reading. He won the 1st Place out of 7 contingents! Whew!

He is so determined in his event. In fact, he practiced reading even while in the toilet room. Hahaha!

If there's outdoor, so there's indoor games too held inside the RCA Poblacion campus which is just near the Lapu-Lapu City Auditorium:

Spelling Bee
Extemporaneous Speech
Word Factory

The games were competed by category levels:

Category A - Preschool
Category B - Grades 1 & 2
Category C - Grades 3 & 4
Category D - Grades 5 & 6

And hey hey hey! What made this sportsfest more enjoyable was the involvement of parents. Some kids and parents went home right after their children had done their part in dance presentation in the morning, especially the preschools. So the result, those who stayed - like me because I have 2 kids in different levels - are the ones who were pulled to participate in ALL THE GAMES! Whew!

We may not get all the first place but the fun and bond with our kids are irreplaceable!

The last part was a field demonstration performed by campus. I was amazed because I've had this exercise when I was in high school. I thought this can't be possible on elementary levels as choreography is a struggle, so much more with the preschools. Well, here they are!

RCA Poblacion Campus

Finally, the most awaited moment...drumroll...raffle draw! Each student was given 100 tickets, so basically, I had a total of 200 chances of winning! Hahaha.

The proceeds of the raffle is to provide a sound system which is very important for school events.

I have a little belief in luck so I let my pregnant sister drop our raffle tickets. 😉

However, we didn't wait for the final draw as it's about to rain and my kids had accomplished their part in the sportsfest, so we headed home before the event conjured, at nearly 5pm.

It was very exhausting yet a pleasurable moment to cherish forever, especially for my kids.

-Mike Marshall-

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