Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wishlist of a Mom at Home

I posted in my Instagram almost a year ago about my wishlist. Why? Partly to serve as a note to self on things to buy and partly (I mean honestly 😊) as a hint for someone to have ideas on what to give on special ocassions - birthdays, Christmas, etc. Hahaha!
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1. Portable Sewing Machine

You know that sewing is one of my hobbies. Well I think every moms wish for a sewing machine because it's typical that we, moms, like making dresses for our real life dolls - kids!

Proud to say I bought one for myself from Lazada - Lil' Sew & Stitch FHSM-505. Though not a high-end sewing machine but it serves me its purpose.

2. Paper Cutter

In my previous blog - Ronaleer, I posted a portfolio of my graphic design outputs. My mom friends contact me for their graphic design needs. I do flyers, stickers, invites, and the likes. And because of that I need a paper cutter to efficiently make the project.

My younger sister asked me to create Save-the-Date cards for their wedding. I didn't asked for a payment but in return, they gave me a paper cutter. So their Save-the-Date cards were the first project being accomplished!

3. USB Hub

Both my husband and I are techie. The first technology he brought from KSA as a homecoming gift for me was a laptop. Next, were the wireless peripherals from Logitech - headset, keyboard and mouse. The laptop he gave me has only 3 USB ports - one for the mouse, keyboard and the laptop cooler. I realized I need some spare USB ports for my headset which is required for my online job (and movies 😉) and for removable storage devices like a flash disk or external hard drive. Yes, I can just remove and replace a peripheral in case I need a port. But it will make the ports vulnerable to damage. So I bought one from CD-R King - that little blue thing there!

4. All-in-One Printer

Again, because I accept graphic design orders I need a printer! In addition, I make mock test papers for my kids in order for them to study their exams. I will leave my husband on choosing the right specs for my printer, he's best at it!

5. Jelly Wrist Pad

This is not the usual mouse pad you know but a pad for the wrist only. It's like a jelly is inside the pad. See that first image in this post? I want one with a plain color only, preferably green, white or black. Either transparent or not. Do I sound demanding? Hahaha 😄

6. Baking Oven

I am a baker wannabe. I've tried making cakes using a rice cooker and a steamer. My kids love them so I want to bake pastries for them, using a real baking oven...perhaps with a rotisserie too? 😀

The collage is not complete. Hahaha! By and by, my wishlist is getting longer...oops sorry dear.

7. Tripod

Since it's always me and the kids only, it's hard to take pictures with the 3 of us together all the time. I use camera timer but the thing is, who will hold the camera or phone? Hahaha. Sometimes I improvise a stand, but still I want a tripod...with foldable legs please. 😉

8. Luggage Type Backpack

We travel a lot...Bohol-Cebu and vice versa. Hahaha! Yes, it's just a neighboring island but it's a struggle still especially when with kids. So I need a backpack to make my hands free so I could hold my kids wherever we go. Another thing, I want its zipper to open all the way like a luggage bag so I don't have to rummage inside when looking for a certain item.
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I saw one like this online - Tortuga Backpacks. It's pricey but something that is similar to that would satisfy me. 😉 Wish I can find one that's lesser than PhP2000.

9. Swivel Chair

To complete my home office setup. To work while sitting like a boss. 😉

10. Cross Pendant Gold Necklace

I like the look of this necklace - the chain, the subtle image of Christ (His form is not carved or sculpted out). The carat won't matter as long as it's pawnable. 😄
Image was sent from a friend who sells jewelry

Reward yourself sometimes - doesn't matter if it's a gift, an award or something you bought for yourself.

I've shared my wishlist, now, what's yours?

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