Saturday, February 4, 2017

Deal with Waiting for Pick-Up Time at School

Aside from Facebook surfing, random chatting, checking my online job emails, listening to music, here are some of the fun things I do while waiting for pick-up time:
Breakfast at an eatery across the school
It's been 3 years already that I wait at school for my kids' pick-up time. Last 2 years were with my son when he was in Nursery and K1. Now he's advanced to Grade 1 so his class is whole day. But I'm not done with waiting at school yet! Whew! My daughter is in K1 now as she skipped Nursery so I have 2 years of waiting at school AGAIN (roll eyes) until she moves to Grade 1. However, I eventually learned a few tricks or tips to help pass the time.

Chill and Chow

I could skipped meals at home due to rush hour. Last 2 years, my son's class was in the afternoon so I held off lunch, now my daughter's class is in the morning so I waived breakfast which is very important of the day. That's why I take my meals or refreshments near the school with my mom friends. The more the merrier the fuller! 😊
Lunch at Luwag with ECS moms
Snacks at 7-Eleven with RCA moms

Write a Draft

When I have quiet moments, great ideas come in! This is why I have updates here in my blog. I compose a draft in my phone or on a piece of paper (or food chain tissue, back of receipts, etc😄) then I finalize at home and arranged them in order to have a weekly post.

Read Ebook

I hardly have a break to read a book at home without interruption so waiting for pick-up time is the best point. I always bring my phone with me, well everybody does, so I downloaded ebooks. I am fond of reading the story before I watch its film - Harry Potter Series (7 books), Twilight Saga (4 books), and now this Fallen Sequence (6 books), though haven't read them all yet. 😊

Comply To Do List

The very tasks I can do while waiting for pick-up time are paying the bills and fulfilling what's unchecked in the grocery list. My kids' school is near the market so it's easier for me to buy the item I need in the house.

Mini Spa Time

My friends know me as a nail art chic. But I confess, I don't know how to clean my nails very well - cutting the cuticles, removing the ingrown, etc - so I go to salon for my nail grooming before I do the nail art at home. Raine's class is 2 hours so that's more than enough time to let my polish dry before I pick her up.

Sometimes I go for a hair treatment. Hay! It feels so relaxing when someone strokes my hair. 😊

Sit Back and Relax

Mostly, we just sit and chat with fellow mommies. There are also few who recline back and relax.

Don't hate waiting as this is the only time you can be free...literally! Hahaha. Make it a point to embrace your quiet moment, reflect, and do something enjoyable or productive.

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