Saturday, February 18, 2017


My kids are happy when it's their periodic exams. Why? Because there's a major playtime after. 😍
It's my way of making them feel excited about exams and not fear them. Today, we're at Kidzoona!
Kidzoona is owned by a Japan-based corporation, Aeon Fantasy Group, therefore its name is derived from the Japanese word “kizuna“ which means bond or connection between people. As of today, Kidzoona has already 27 branches nationwide with the mission of Edu-Tainment (education and entertainment) for the whole family.

For those who have not been there, Kidzoona is located in 3 branches of Cebu - Robinson's Galleria, SM Seaside and SM Consolacion.

Before going in, we are required to go to their registration area and fill out the form to be given to the cashier for check in and payment.
char...scripted! hahaha

You have 2 choices:
90 minutes - PhP250
Unlimited time - PhP400

I only availed the 90 minutes of play as it's already enough for them to explore the whole area. And to reserve some strength in going home. 😉 Guardian is free but only 1 guardian is allowed per child.

Upon coming in, shoes should be taken off and socks are required as the whole place is fully carpeted. Orange lockers are for the shoes and green lockers are for bags.

Kidzoona ensures children's safety so there are staff roaming around but still they oblige parents or guardians to go with their kids anywhere they go to avoid injuries.

The lounge is nearly empty as most of the parents are with the kids taking videos and pictures. And upholstered seats are available in every area of Kidzoona so no worries.

The first area you see from the entrance is the Cyber Wheel. It is like a zorb ball but cylindrical. Here's the video.

The biggest area in Kidzoona is the Ball Pool (main photo). Before dipping in, make sure to empty all pockets to avoid injuries.
even I love  the area...hahaha

The Ball Pool has an inflatable slide and a jungle gym. Teach kids to always wait for their turn to avoid hurting others.

Behind the guardians' lounge is the Bouncy House.

Beside the Cyber Wheel is the Toy Corner where children can play with puzzles, doll houses, table train set, lego blocks, etc.

Kidzoona is spacious so there's enough room for kid bikes to run around. Fasten your seatbelt kiddo!

Kidzoona also intends to nurture kids' dreams by having the Play Town where children can pretend like adults.
Because Kidzoona is Japan-based, the country cuisine is featured - Sushi Bar.

Drinking water is safe and free. You can get a cup at the cashier.

I saw in their poster that Kidzoona mascots will come occasionally at 4PM to dance and play with the kids. But we left the play area before 3PM to avoid traffic.

Kidzoona is highly recommended for educational field trips and even for regular guests to let children experience the fun-filled adventure!

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