Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mt. View Rope Course Adventure

Love day is approaching! Want to have some ideas how to celebrate your Valentines Day with your loved ones? Try this!
It was our 6th wedding anniversary that my hubby and I celebrated with our kids and my siblings. Actually it was formerly planned as siblings day but it falls on the day of our anniversary so it's a bonus. 😀

We went to Mt. View Rope Course Adventure at Lahug, Cebu City. It is a part of the Mt. View Resort located at the very top of the mountain, hence the name.


We didn't used the carpool service of the resort as our schedules were not on sync. And we just planned this event in a snap so there's not much of a preparation. We agreed to meet at JY Mall of Lahug. We bought some knick knacks then looked for a ride. There are 2 options in going to Mt. View Resort.

1. Motorcycle or habal-habal - 50 pesos per head. Carries 2 adults and 1 kid. I say, this is a bit scary and dangerous especially when there are kids but we had no choice as the 2nd option was not available.
2. Multicab - you pay the whole cab or pakyaw. I don't know how much...sorry. 😄

The ride is until the gate of Mt. View Resort only so you have to walk the way up to the Rope Course area. Only private vehicles and resort transportation are allowed beyond the gate.
with my brother and sisters

Here is a snapshot of the obstacles...You pay an admission fee of PhP150 for the adult. The ones in lower ground are for the kids. It's free!

Our wedding anniversary adventure began...

...and it rained! Lol! But we still went to the rope course even if were soaking wet. Mind you, the course was slippery. Uh-oh!

This part was so hard!
At every obstacle end, my husband stopped and waited for me to keep up.
Every now and then, my husband checked on how I was doing

Pictures of my siblings doing the rope course adventures are in my FB account.

My kids had their own rope course adventure as well!

Of course, we ate after the tiring adventure before we head back down the mountain to go home.
Overlooking view and cool ambiance
I swear it's a long walk going down...A perfect spot to lose weight! 😁
We waited here for our ride going downtown.

We also brought our parents here for their next wedding anniversary celebration. We rented 2 rooms for overnight stay.

So there! You don't have to spend much for Valentines. This is a great form of bonding for both of you or the whole family. Just be true to yourself and show it to your partner with love and compassion.

Enjoy and God bless!

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