Saturday, March 25, 2017

Birthday Decoration Ideas on a Budget

When it comes to event decorations, especially birthdays, you don't have to go beyond your budget limit because the biggest portion should be intended for the food. 😋 Being resourceful and creative are the vital keys to make your event delightful and more memorable.

Here are some ideas I've done on my daughter's 5th birthday.

Staircase Cupcake Rack using recycled cardboards
Cost: 0
More details on this page.
Canister for Sweets using empty plastic bottle
Cost: 0
More details on this page.
Wall decoration
Cost: PhP24.00 for crepe papers
Wall flowers
Cost: PhP24.00
Table decoration
Cost: PhP120 (balloons and garden rocks)
And lastly, my first attempt on Diamond Table Skirting
More details on this page.
Cost: PhP12.00 for the pins

Saving tip: Revert the decorations back to their original state and keep them as you can for the next event, such as, deflating the foil balloons.

To deflate a foil balloon, insert a drinking straw in the red marked slip.
With your hands, gently press the foil balloon to slowly push the air out.

Rule of the thumb: Look for the colors of the materials that are available in your home. It may help you decide what theme or motif for the event.

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