Saturday, March 4, 2017

Confessions of a Mom at Home

If you think you are not a perfect mother nor an average type of mom, you're not alone. I have secrets too. *wink* 
Whenever we (mommies at school) convene or simply hang out, I always receive comments like "Wow you're a supermom!" and "I think I can't do the same thing you did." or "How did you do it?" They think it's a smooth flow for me because of my posts in social media about my kids' happenings and some tips on raising kids. But the behind-the-scene is a struggle! These are my confessions...with the unnecessary dramas *duh*:

1. Yelling at Kids
This is the number one thing that I am guilty of. My husband often see me shouting at kids even during our video call. I know he wanted to do something but can't due to distance. But he never lacks of moral support and constant reminders. One morning, he posted a video from Bright Side about Stop Shouting at Your Kids. Honestly, I could only shout at my kids when our tantrums meet. Moms know what I mean.

2. Instant Meals
We always want our kids to be healthy and eat only the nutritious foods. But hey! When I am so busy with my online tasks, I admit I served them instant meals like noodles, canned goods or bought from the neighbor who sells ready to eat viands. Sometimes, uhm...when I feel so lazy *ssshh*, I just gave them porridge (lugaw).

3. Pass the Responsibilities to the Teacher
Whenever mom friends and I agreed on a date, we do it on school hours. Just send the kids to school and poof we're out! Hahaha. Now, I can't wait my daughter to have a whole day class same as her brother so I can have longer hours of me time. When the cat is away the mouse will play! *wink*

4. Best Actress
When my husband is at home, I pretended to poo but my intention was to be alone in the toilet with my phone and be kids-free for a few minutes. Or pretend sleeping. Which of course, leave him taking care of the kids. Hahaha. Sometimes, I pretend being sick so my kids will take care of me. On a brighter side, my eldest would automatically take over - feed his sister, lock the house, unplug and turn off the appliances before bedtime, etc.

5. Declutter means Throw the Toys Only
Once a week, I declutter the house. But my closet is exempted. Hahaha. The main target is only the kids' playroom slash storage room slash guest room. No one's touching my stuffs.

6. Have My Own Holidays
If there's no class, I declare No Bath Day. On weekends, only bread and milk for breakfast because I don't feel like cooking.

7. Compare with other Moms
I know it's wrong, I'm sorry. But could we ever put this mindset away: dirty kid is equals to negligent mom?

8. Playroom Expansion
I let my kids play outside or at someone else's house so I can clean our house without interruptions.

9. Auto Clean
I only clean those areas that are visible and within reach. Hahaha!

10. Division of Labor
I taught my kids some household chores, not just for the sole purpose of preparing them for the future, but also for slashing few items from my to do list.

11. Get Kids Drank
I let my kids drink beer or coconut wine so they could sleep early - only when there are occasions.

12. Techie Mom...and Kids
We want our kids to stay away from gadgets...but I need space too. So I allow my kids to use my phone to keep them from bothering me.

13. Horror Movies
I let my kids watch horror movies so they would behave and eventually go to sleep because of crying.

14. Kids Food is for Adults Also
I eat Cerelac, especially the banana and wheat yummy!

15. Make Kids as Excuses
Why the house is a mess? Uhm, because I have kids?!
Go to kids park as their reward...and for me to relax.
Why didn't I attend the meeting? Because my kids are blah blah blah.

16. Follow What I Say, Not What I Do
If my kids see me actually doing the "don'ts" and ask, I'd say "Mothers are exempted." Common scenario, right?

17. Paparazzi Kids
My photographers are my kids. I ask both of them to take pictures and I'll just choose which one has the best capture.

18. Daydream
Lastly, I wished that I'm still single or married but no kids yet. I could own my time and have all the rests and leisure I want. Kudos to those who live the life they want, I envy them. Well, life is full of surprises and being ready is the only option.

Ahm, how to end this I have regrets? Truthfully, yes. I felt like I'm behind bars and lose myself from the track where I wanted to be. But in the long run (with my loved ones' help) I am happy that I produced a pair of real life "toys" wanting my tender loving care. So *deep sigh* no choice, I'll just continually strive to make things - though not perfect but right.

Mommies, it's okay to be Bad Moms, saw that movie already? Dare to share your secrets too!

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