Saturday, March 18, 2017

DIY: Staircase Cupcake Rack

When serving cupcakes, the decoration is more inviting when they are on a cake stand. This DIY tutorial is so easy and affordable as the materials are (for sure) available around your home.

On my daughter's 3rd birthday, I bought a 3-tier cupcake stand. It's plastic and no pre-made forms on each layer so it can hold anything, not just cupcakes but also mallows or fruits or even your stuff in the dresser like jewelry or makeups.

But I opt out this traditional cupcake stand for her next birthday. The movie Beauty and the Beast is showing on cinemas and she wants to be Princess Belle so a doll cake suits her birthday theme. I want the doll cake to look like she is going down the classical staircase and on it are the cupcakes.

So here's how I made it...

  • cardboard - I got this puzzle book from my sister-in-law which my kids just tore them by page. This was given years ago but I didn't throw them away as I know they can be repurposed. Hahaha!
  • hot glue gun and glue stick
  • adhesive tape
  • pen
  • ruler
  • wrapping paper - You can use a plain paper or wallpaper with design. It's up to your preference and party theme.
  1. To start with, measure the repurposed cardboard into the size according to your cupcakes. I don't bake so I just searched for the standard size of the cupcakes. The width per layer is 3 inches. The height is 1 inch from each layer. I only have 3 layers for this staircase cupcake rack. The length will be determined later.
  2. Next is the cutting process. Be careful of sharp objects.
  3. To make another foundation or pillar of the staircase cupcake rack easier, just put the first one on top of the zagged lines and trace.
  4. Cut again. We now have a second foundation.
  5. To make the staircase cupcake rack strong, cut another foundation to brace the middle part. That makes three.
  6. For the length of the staircase cupcake rack, I only based on the original width of the cardboard. Cut three pieces for each layer.
  7. Then, assemble the parts and glue them. To easily put them together, use an adhesive tape to temporarily hold the parts in their position.
  8. For the base, cut a board that match to the length and width of the whole.
  9. Lastly, wrap the staircase cupcake rack neatly.
It's done! Ready to be filled up with delicious cupcakes!

Cost: 0

The whole procedure doesn't take much time. I think it will only cost you 20 minutes to finish 3 layers of staircase cupcake rack. But on my side, it took me more than because I had to take pictures along the process. Hahaha!

You can follow this DIY staircase cupcake rack tutorial and create as many layers as you want or adorn it as you wish!

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