Saturday, March 11, 2017

DIY: Plastic Canister Using Recycled Bottle

Hosting a party is as fun as you can imagine. It's a great time to squeeze out the creative juices in you especially when under budget constraint. If you feel you're out of storage for your jello's or stik-o's, don't freak out! Here's how to make a canister using a recycled bottle.
  • empty plastic bottle
  • ruler
  • pen
  • cutter
  • flat iron
  • hot glue gun and glue stick
  • sisal mat - or anything you wish to cover or wrap around the canister. You can use tin foil, felt paper, cartolina, colored paper, etc.
  • head band - or something that you can put on the rim such as ribbons, ruffles, tinsels, etc. This one I have is my daughter's headband 5 years ago. How time flies!
  1. Measure the height of the bottle wherein the jello's or goodies will still pop out.
  • Tip: Use a flexible and transparent ruler for more efficiency. Then mark the spot.
  2. Cut the bottle along the line.
  • Tip: Heat your cutter so the plastic bottle will soften while you cut.
  3. Smooth the edges of the cut area with the hot surface of a flat iron.
  4. Fold the sisal mat in two. Wrap it around the improvised canister folding another part at the           top to cover the rim. Make sure ends of the sisal mat are positioned at the back.
  5. Secure the wrap with a hot glue.
  6. Stretch-in the headband around the rim.

Voila! A new canister is done!

One last tip: To avoid mess and breakage, repack the stik-o's with narrow, clear cellophane.

Cost: 0

Enjoy the party sweets and don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards!

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