Sunday, April 2, 2017

DIY: Diamond Table Skirting

In every event, the most significant area is the table. It is the focal point of the venue as it is where the food and desserts are served. Here's how I covered the table with my first attempt in DIY Diamond Table Skirting.
By the way, this is my first attempt in table skirting so please bear with the imperfections. 😊

Cloth - choose colors that match your theme

1. First, use some boxes or stacks of books to add layering on the table if you don't have high trays or stands.
2. Next, cover the whole table including the layering with white cloth and secure with thumbtacks to keep it in place.
When you buy a cloth, it already has a centerfold. Just leave it as is if its height is same as the table.
3. Then, find the center of both the table and cloth. Join them together with a pin.
4. From the center, use your palm as a width for spacing. Pin the end of the width. You now have the first gap.
5. From the pin, fold a part of cloth backwards to copy the width of the gap. You now have your first pleat.
6. Flap the fold forward to measure for the second spacing and pin the cloth excluding the first fold.
7. Repeat the steps above to make the next pleats and gaps until you achieve this.
If you initially planned for a simple pleated table skirting, this is already finished. However, this is just the partial look of a Diamond Table Skirting project.
8. Push the top crease inwards. They should look like these.
9. Pin two pleats together except the center.
10. For the second layer, pin two pleats again but alternately from the first layer. This is how it should look.
This is how it should look when the third layer of paired pleats are made. First set of diamonds appear.
11. Continue pinning 2 pleats together until you achieve the desired Diamond Table Skirting.

Voila! The cost I've spent was for the pins only. The textiles were borrowed from a mom friend. I've saved PhP300.00 of labor fee and snacks from a table skirting pro. Hahahaha.

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