Saturday, May 6, 2017

DIY: Kitchen Playset From Used Boxes

When I looked for kitchen playset it's a bit pricey! So together with my kids, I made this DIY kitchen playset from used boxes or recycled cartons.
If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that I have a little girl who is as imaginative as me. I want my kids to play - a real play that involves physical movements while learning. And I think this kitchen playset is right for them (both my son and daughter) as cooking can be done by men too. 😉 With this kind of pretend toy, they will be trained with the basics of kitchen routine - cook, wash, organize. But I am more eager on teaching them how to organize. After they "serve a food", they "wash" and put the items back to where they belong. You know, there is a designated place for everything!

When my little girl came into a Youtube video about kitchen playset, she told me to get one for her. Toys are not on my priority list especially this one. So my kids and I squeezed out our creative juices to make this DIY: Kitchen Playset From Used Boxes.

The materials will be mentioned along the process. Let's start!

Cut the 3 flaps on the upper part of the box. Make sure to leave one that is not torn or deformed.

Get a disposable tray that is just the same size on one or either sides of the box.

Assemble them as a sink and staple to keep them together.

Make 4 rolls of cardboard for the faucet.

Cover with silver tin foil to match the color of the tray sink then assemble like shown above.

Draw grid lines on a clean sheet of paper to look like a tile backsplash.

Paste on the surface of the remaining flap together with the faucet.

Attach a dosage cup or lid to serve as door handle.

Cut 3 sides of a rectangle to make a door below the sink.

Here is the partial look of the sink. Attach another cardboard inside for extra layer.

For another kitchen playset appliance, prepare 1 box.

Cut the marks except for the lowest line.

The door should have a hole like this.

Attach a plastic cellophane at the back of the hole.

Glue lids or dosage cups or lego blocks for function buttons of the oven.

Add some colors. I'm just using my kid's watercolor here.

To save on paint, use paper mache technique. Cut paper strips and prepare the paste.

Do not make the paste mixture too sticky.

Brush the box with the paste then lay the paper strips in overlapping manner.
My little girl pasting just one line of paper strips.

Let dry. Now it looks like it's painted white! 😉

In addition to the kitchen playset, sew a mini pot holder just the same size of my kids' hands. Hang onto a hook below the oven. Again, use paper mache technique to cover the box.

My kids water coloring the box before I decided on paper mache technique.

Tsadaa! The final result of our DIY: Kitchen Playset From Used Boxes

The cost of this project is zero! The materials used here were leftovers from my previous DIY projects.

Materials and tools are for sure just sitting around the corners of your home. Why not try this for your kids and make a bond! Wish to see your own kitchen playset too!

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