Saturday, May 27, 2017

DIY: Repurpose Old Notebooks

One way to declutter your home is to repurpose old things. When you have school kids, it is expected that one room in the house is full of old books and notebooks. Here's how I deal with these piles...
After I enrolled my kids for this school year, I asked for the list of requirements so I can prepare. Before buying, I checked their previous stuffs if those are still complete or in good condition, particularly the art materials. But then I found their old books and notebooks are still in the shelves. I am a DIY / Repurpose kind of mom so throwing things is not a first option for me. And so, I immediately thought of a way how to repurpose those old...for now...notebooks.

Let's apply the 5S while doing this cleanup.

Make several groups for the old notebooks: 1. one group for recyclable - old notebooks with less clean pages but can still be used to create into something new pad of paper
2. one group for reusable - old notebooks with more clean pages inside so the same whole notebook can be reused after removing the written pages

Set aside the clean pages. Cut the sheets into the same width using a paper cutting board for easier task.
For the second group (reusable). When removing the written pages, tear off the adjacent pages on other side as well coz they won't be held by the stitches anymore.
Replace the covers if needed.
For the first group (recyclable). Collect the clean sheets of paper and stack them together with a clip.

Shine or make your project presentable. In the picture above, behind the clipped sheets are

What a load of trash deducted from my my home!


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