Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The most important person in our life who deserves the best of everything...mother! On Mother's Day, do not overthink on what to give, just find something which you know she'll use most of the time or a thing which she never had since. Here are something I can suggest:
If blessed financially - cosmetics, dress, shoes, jewelry, bags are within reach for Mother's Day gifts. But if you're on the budget, try something that is cheaper but meaningful aside from a bouquet of fragrant flowers.

Mommy Planner by MommyMundo

Succulents by Souvenirs N Fun

Powerbank for a Techie Mom
MOM Frame for a Senti Mom
Movie Date for an Outgoing Mom

My mother is a career woman, she could have those if she really wanted to but my mother has a high set of priorities. One thing that she wants we are certain of is a family dinner which she doesn't prepare herself.

Me? You already know my Wishlist. 💗

My mom friends and I celebrated our Mothers Day with a lunch out, shoes shopping then a coffee break. Good thing for me, my sisters came for an unexpected backup. They fetched my kids so I could spend the day "kids-free"! 😉

minutes before my sisters fetched my kids

planning for next gathering over coffee

Hope you had a very special day today, mommy! 💗

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