Saturday, June 10, 2017

DIY: Bikini Top From Old Bra

Lost your bikini top? Make your own pair for summer outfit out of old clothing you have.

My sister had a 2-piece bikini which I love because it is in aqua color. Unfortunately, the top is lost. I put the lower bikini aside as I might have something to do with it.

This summer, I had loads of time in cleaning up our closets. Then I found these! Light bulb! An idea pops in!

Remove the fabric from the bra foam.

Cut the bra foam into your desired cup shape.

Lay the bra foam in between the fabric.

Pin to keep in place then run into the sewing machine the cut along the edges.

Cut 4 long thin strips, about 2 inches wide.

Fold lengthwise then sew one side.

Pull the strip inside out.

Sew the strip along the edges for a clean finish. Start and end according to the image below. Leave a long strip unattached from the endpoint.

Sew another lining same as above but following the points shown below.

This will be the fractional output of one cup. Continue and repeat the steps above for the other side.

Here is the partial look of two cups.

Attach them together and make a bow at the center.

I wore this during our family pool bonding. Unfortunately, I don't have a solo picture wearing my DIY Bikini Top from old bra as my girl kept on tagging.

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