Saturday, June 24, 2017

Medical Paper Transactions After Childbirth

Giving birth alone or husband away is a struggle. Fortunately, I haven't experienced it myself in my two pregnancies but my sister had. If you happen to assist a birthing mom, here is a guide I can share about medical paper transactions after childbirth.
~my first niece~

My younger sister finally gave birth to her first baby. Her husband did not arrive yet from his business trip to Japan so it's me and my husband who assisted her from the last weeks of pregnancy all through childbirth. My parents were there during her labor until the baby is delivered, however my husband and I were the ones who did the medical paper transactions.

Disclaimer: Process may vary depending on hospital policy where the patient is admitted. This procedure is based on Perpetual Succour Hospital where my sister gave birth. This process is similar to the method I've undergone when my kids were hospitalized in Our Lady of the Rule Hospital excluding the Live Birth Certificate, of course.

Assuming you already have the necessary documents, follow the steps below.

***Important Reminder: Immediately after child birth, process the Certificate of Live Birth to avoid late registration. 
  • Prepare Marriage contract - just bring the original & its copy. 
  • Fill out Baby's Data form 
  • Fill out certificate of live birth draft 
Confirm that all entries are accurate (dates, spellings, etc)
  • Go to Medical Records of the hospital for the final printed copy of the Live Birth Certificate 
  • Bring the Live Birth Certificate to the Physician or Ob-Gyne to obtain his/her signature for completion.

Once the physician gives a note like "May Go Home", "For Discharge" and the likes or even "For Possible Discharge", step up to Discharge Procedure.

1. Nurse Station:
  • Confirm the discharge notice so that they can advise or prepare necessary forms. 
  • Ask about check in/out time to avoid additional charge on the room. 
For Perpetual Succour Hospital, cut-off time is at 5:00 PM.
  • Buy a filter paper from the hospital Cashier at Ground Floor and give to the Nursery or Neonatal Care Unit at Second Floor for baby's Newborn Screening. 
Newborn Screening is done when the baby is 1 to 2 days old.

Always keep your receipts within the next 3 months for later purposes or you might want them to put in your baby slambook or scrapbook (crafty moms like me do).

2. PhilHealth:
  • Prepare MDR or Member Data Record - you can get it directly from the office or online through their website
  • Submit the final print of Live Birth Certificate signed by the attending Physician
  • Submit duly accomplished CF1 (Claim Form) & PMRF (PhilHealth Member Registration Form)
  • Submit the signed Consent to Access Patient's Medical Records.
  • Attach the Newborn Screening sticker and/or receipt.

3. Billing:
  • Computation of all expenses minus Insurance and/or PhilHealth
  • Review the billing statement thoroughly.
Good thing my sister inspected the billing statement once again and saw that 2D Echo with the amount of more than 4,000 pesos was charged even if it was not administered to her. 

4. Cashier:
  • Pay the hospital bill. ATM Terminals are available at the Ground floor.
At Perpetual Succour Hospital, once you fully paid the bill you only have 30 minutes to check-out even if you still have many hours left before their cut-off time which is 5:00 PM, so prepare ahead.
  • Keep the clearance slips or gatepasses to be shown to nurse station and guard upon discharge or check-out.

Nothing compares to the feeling of going home and have the full time bonding with your newborn. Good luck to your mom journey!
~ the new family ~

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