Saturday, July 8, 2017

Daily Schedule of a Work-at-Home Mom

The real benefit of being a work-at-home mom is to be able to provide more family quality time. Without my husband and a househelp, I bet you can hardly imagine how I squeeze my time, but check it out!
I am a mom of two schooling kids. Basically, my mornings are occupied with preparing the kids for school. And every day, I go to school to wait for 2 hours and 40 minutes for my preschool daughter. While waiting for pick-up time, I do the necessary errands. In between mom-at-home duties, I have vacant hours. I make sure those few hours is spent for my online job. After school, I let my kids take a nap or play outside while I continue the tasks I left earlier. Or I can use that time for rest or do household chores as well, if and only if there is no more online task to do. Before bedtime, I have vacant hours again which I intend for online job, my DIY hobby or just sleep early if my tasks were fully accomplished that day.

Then, tomorrow is another day and that routine repeats. To plot, here is my daily schedule during school days:
However, there are a lot of times where this mom schedule is not realized. You!

Always keep in mind to be clear on your priorities. Do not jump from one task to another without completing anything.

Lastly, do not compromise sleep and your bond with kids as they're the reasons you chose to stay at home in the first place. If you can only work while the kids are asleep, let go of your work-at-home career. That scenario will make you frustrated and failure will come in.

And more importantly, take care of yourself.

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