Saturday, July 1, 2017

DIY: Criss Cross Back Halter Top

Turn old preggy blouse into this - DIY Criss Cross Back Halter Top! Remember my previous post - DIY Off Shoulders Crop Top where I remodel this same old preggy blouse? Now, I used its lower part which are not affected by holes into another new stylish and sexy back top.

This was the original old preggy blouse. The upper part was refashioned into an off-shoulders crop top which was posted earlier in this blog.

I thought the lower part won't be of use due to its holes or just utilize it in the kitchen as a damp cloth, but hey, DIY mom here got an idea!

I prepared the entire lower part which was left out after the DIY crop top. I made sure the hem with the red finishing trimmed edges were aligned before cutting the upper portion for the desired bodice length.

After measuring the bodice width, I cut the leftover cloth making sure the holes were not within the area to use for the halter top.

Sew the hems about 1 inch on each of the 2 ends. And another 1/2 inch hems for the sleeves and neckline. For the neckline, do not close the ends as the halter strap will be inserted through.

This is how it should look (photo not rotated hahaha)

Cut strips with 1 inch width...the number of strips to cut is depending on how long your straps will be - halter strap and criss cross back strap.

Sew to connect the strips. I sew the part where there is no edging stitches.

Once sewn, stretch the fabric until it curls from the sides.

Insert the halter strap through the neckline using a safety pin for an easier task.

Create small holes on the hems of each sides of the bodice (as shown below by the red marks). Through them, the criss cross back strap will be inserted.

Sew the edges of the holes...I just did it by hand as I only have a simple sewing machine.

From the holes, fold the fabric and sew a hem again. Do not close the ends as the criss cross back strap will be inserted.

One more step and it's done!

My little back view...

...front view...

But wait, I also tried it on! Hahaha

Disclaimer: The terminologies used in this post, especially when it comes to sewing, are just based on a layman's term so please bear with me or comment for better words. Thanks!

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