Saturday, July 22, 2017

DIY: Paper Chef Hat

Complete your kid's chef attire with this inexpensive and easy DIY Chef Hat using clean sheets of bondpaper only.

My kids are having a Dessert Making as part of their Culminating Event for Nutrition Month. These are the requirements for their kitchen session aside from the ingredients:
  • Apron
  • Hairnet
  • Face Mask
When you have a daughter, you will also have someone who instantly reminds you or give additional artistic in this situation. Upon complying the list, she said that there should also be a chef hat like some of her cooking video games.

Unfortunately,  I couldn't find a chef hat that would fit them and I don't have time for sewing. So I made this DIY Paper Chef Hat.

Use clean sheets of long bondpaper. Cut lengthwise 1 sheet into 2 parts. 

Fold each lengthwise. Set aside.

Get another sheet of long bondpaper and fold alternately like so...

Then, make 2 folds like in this picture shown below:

Staple on one side to hold the folds in place.

Make as many as you need enough to wrap around the head and connect them together.

Get the sheets of paper you cut lengthwise earlier. Connect and lay a double-sided adhesive on one side.

Insert the folded sheets in between the lengthwise paper. Adhere with double-sided tape again on the other side of the lengthwise to hold the folded sheets in.

Try putting it around the head before affixing the ends.

Fold about 2 inches on the top part of the chef hat.

Fold again but inward direction.

Cut a circle which is enough size to cover the hole of the chef hat.

Glue the circle inside to cover the hole of the chef hat.

Cut another circle and glue it on the outer side of the hat.

It's done!

Because I have 2 kids, I made 2 chef hats of course. 😉

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