Saturday, July 15, 2017

Perks of a Work-at-Home Mom

Aside from working at your comfort zone, feeling secure for the kids and learning new skills, here are some perks I'm enjoying as a Work-at-Home Mom.
working while waiting for boarding


As long as there is an internet connection, work is up. If there's no free connection, I've got pocket wifi and USB broadband to back me up. And hotspot from my mobile plan is of help as well.

When I worked as a Manufacturing Technician on a semiconductor American firm, I had to wake up early and suffered (as in the term) cold baths because I worried on being late due to city traffic. Commuting is such a hassle. I went out from the house fresh but I arrived at work haggard. Hahaha! I get to absorb all the dust and foul odors while waiting for the cab. Plus the sweat from fellow commuters, ugh! As a work-at-home mom, I encounter none of those already. I work without getting out from the comforts of my home. I just open my laptop and there I go tapping the keyboard and start the work-at-home routine. Another thing, I have additional savings of 48 pesos per day instead of paying fares.

Yeah, no worries on what to wear. OOTD is not my thing. As a work-at-home mom, I'm comfortable with my active wears - stretchy pants or shorts and shirts are more than alright.

Literally, yes. I make my own work-at-home schedule according to my client's (and kids') preferences, of course. I can accept as many job loads as I can manage. I pause for a break to play with kids or feed them or just lay on bed. When there's no task to do, I study through tutorials and forums about my work. Sometimes I do any side jobs - accepting graphic design orders from friends like tarpaulins, invitations, souvenirs for any occasions and flyers, cards, labels for any businesses. But most of the time, I busy myself with DIY crafts together with the kids to make it more fun! That is, if I have no chores (particularly the laundry) to do at home.

Be with kids while working. Separation anxiety is not felt anymore. My kids are watching TV, playing at my back or anywhere as long as I can immediately check what they are doing. While waiting for my client's email or next task, I prepare meal or clean the house, or anything that I can think of. Sometimes I watch movies on work breaks.

My data entry clients are from US, Canada and Australia. Our graphic designers were from Bohol, Cebu, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Because of our daily tasks, it is a must that we have constant communication through emails or chats. Sometimes to avoid boredom at work, we insert some random topics. Eventually, we create friendship.

We meet often with the team. Be it for the purpose of talking about a project, discussing the monthly or annual finance status, giving the bonus or salary or just because!

With these perks of being a work-at-home mom, I am totally living in the UPWORK MOTTO: Love the way you work!

How about you? Please share the best perk of being a work-at-home mom that you enjoy.

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