Saturday, August 19, 2017

DIY: Homemade Sugar Wax Hair Remover

Hey mom, can't insert time for going to a salon? Or annoyed with the unwanted hairs? Hahaha. Give yourself some BEAUTY-ME-TIME even under the comfort of your home with this Homemade Sugar Wax Hair Remover.
Shaving is easy but it's itchy when the hairs grow back and they grow too soon and more than the previous. Plucking is tiring especially when you do it yourself. You may even hurt yourself when tweezer hit your skin. Hairs don't grow too soon but they grow by 2's or 3's in one pore. Sometimes they swell or hair grows inside the skin.  It's frustrating. Literally tiis-ganda!

When I was still single, I experienced going to a salon once in 2 months for wax hair removal session. But that happened only less than 10 times as there are points that I had to shave before my waxing schedule due to some events that I wanted to wear a sleeveless top. So I stopped waxing and went back to shaving.

Now that I'm a mom-at-home, I learned about DIYs and discovered that hair remover wax can be done by myself too. I've done this three times and wasted a lot of sugar in the process hahaha. But it's okay, trial and error until you get the right thing.

By the way, before sugar wax application, exfoliate the area. I used white sugar and gently rubbing it in a circular motion.

So here's the recipe that I succeeded. This sugar wax hair remover is for one-time use only on both armpit and bikini area. If you want more, just multiply the ingredients.

1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp vinegar
1/4 tsp salt

Mix all the ingredients in a non-stick pan.

Apply low fire while stirring for 5 minutes. It will form bubbles and wait until the bubbles are gradually gone.

Remove from heat when the sugar mixture turns to golden brown. Do not make it burn.

If you have a marble countertop, spray some water enough to make it wet. In my case, I use a ceramic plate.

Pour the caramel (yeah it taste so good hahaha) on the plate.

Spoon the sugar wax from the edges inwards.  It will become thick and sticky in the process. Do this fast so the sugar wax will not harden.

Repeat spooning the sugar wax inwards until you can form a ball and sticky enough to hold its form. Careful as it may be hot so wet your hands just once. Water will make your sugar wax back to soft phase caramel when too much.

The appearance of the sugar wax will be like translucent or glossy. Stretch it until the wax is pliable.

This will be the appearance of the sugar wax when stretched. It is like opaque. Stretch until you think it's good to go.

Before applying it on, make sure the armpit or bikini area is dry. Stick the sugar wax on for 5 seconds then pull it away. The direction of the pull should go against the direction of hair growth. Then repeat this step until the area is hair-free.

After the waxing session, do not worry about your utensils covered in hard caramel. Just soak it in the water and the caramel will just melt and be washed away.

So there! I'll just skip the part of showing the before and after sugar wax application. Just because. *wink* 

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