Sunday, September 3, 2017

Meal Prep for a Week

Hi moms, busy week ahead is waiting for us. One thing I can add to our time management tips is meal prep for a week! Meal prep or freezer meal idea will save you from being fed up of deciding what to eat or cook for the next chow time!

I saw 2 of my FB friends making meal preps but I think they're not suitable for my kids as their dishes are low carbs or foreign or has chicken so I made my own list on what to meal prep - common Filipino dishes and are alright for my kids.

Fortunately, my sister gave me a microwave oven so it's a good start for my meal prep! I bought food keepers that are microwave oven safe.

To know if your food container is microwave oven safe, look for these symbols:

Upon my meal prep planning, I learn the kinds of plastics and which ones are safe. Look for these numbers indicated with a triangle underside the plastic container.

1 - thin, clear and for one time use only
2 - thick, opaque and can be reused once
4 - soft and recyclable
5 - hard but flexible and can be heated.

Avoid - 3, 6 and 7

At school, I found out that one of the parents is using this meal prep technique. Then while at the grocery, I met a fellow mom trying to complete the list for her meal prep. Those factors encouraged me more to proceed with my meal prep plan. Here's my list that are common Filipino dishes.

For reheat:
1. Menudo
2. Pansit
3. Ginaling (ground pork with vegetable cubes)
4. Ground pork with baguio beans
5. Humba or pork adobo

This meal prep list is in order according to which one should be consumed first based on their shelf span due to the ingredients used.

For frying:
1. Meatballs
2. Lumpia
3. Marinated pork chops
4. Ham
5. Hotdog

This meal prep list is for my son who has a whole day class so I have to prepare him a packed lunch.

For Tuesday and Friday dinner:
- Fried fish
- Fish tinola with malunggay
- Fish escabeche
- Fish paksiw

This list is strictly on those days mentioned only because our garbage collectors are scheduled on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I don't want the stinky fish insides lying in my trash bin for longer days.

Each of my dish is good for 2 meals. So with 5 meal preps plus the fish dishes, it's more than enough for 1 week!

So mommies, try the meal prep idea and hope this post helps you.

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