Sunday, October 8, 2017

DIY: India Headdress

Headdress makes the costume stand out. With the right ornaments, it will absolutely be an eye-catching headpiece. Here's my upcycled DIY: India Headdress for my daughter.

Objects shown in the photo are the initial materials for the DIY: India Headdress. In this project, I had a trial and error moment. I originally planned to use these plastic sporks but changed my mind.

Wrap the sun visor cap with a cloth that matches the costume. Measure it on the head and adjust the strap to secure it. I sewed on a backstrap coz the original loop fastener was lost.

Get a cardboard and cut into your desired shape. Glue it to the upper peak of the visor.

Fold to make little fans out of a golden tin foil. I created 5 of these.

Staple them around the edges of the cardboard or headdress panel.

Cut the handles off the sporks. I prepared 6 of these.

Spray paint with a matching color and allow to dry.

Glue the spork handles to the headdress panel alternately with the little golden fans.

Spray paint the front headdress panel. Do the same for the back part of the headdress.

Gather some ornaments to put on the headdress front panel. For this project, I upcycled my old Christmas decorations. Be creative on what and where to put!

Here's the final look of upcycled DIY: India Headdress...

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