Sunday, October 1, 2017

DIY: Thailand Headdress and Scepter

United National Costume won't be complete without its complementary accessories. For my son's Thailand costume, here are my DIY Headdress and Scepter.

Photo below shows initial materials for the headdress. Some materials just came along while I'm in the process of making the Thailand Headdress.

You see it right, cling wrap and a headband over the head. Papier Mache technique is used in the process so I have something to cover my son's head to avoid soaking him with paste. Headband over the cling wrap to keep the headdress stable when done.

Now, let's do the papier mache technique. Form a cap to make it as the base of the headdress.

Brush with paste, lay a strip of paper then brush with paste again to make that layer firm. When you think the right thickness is achieved, remove the papier mache cap and let it dry.

Once dry, remove the cling wrap. I also removed the headband as I think the base cap is already good enough to fit my son's head. And also, he complains of the spiny thing of the headband. You know DIY, trial and error.

Secure the edges with masking tape or even the papier mache technique to finish the trim.

Get the styrospheres and form them as shown below. Do not use hot glue gun as the styrofoam will melt away. I used toothpicks as spine to connect them.

Attach the layered styrospheres on the base cap. Use the roll of an adhesive tape as platform of the styrospheres to keep them steady.

Apply the papier mache again on the layered styrospheres and base cap to make the Thailand headdress firmly connected. 

Time to spray paint the headdress. I chose the metallic gold so the golden beads will stand out.
FYI: Do not directly spray on the styrofoam as it will melt. Papier Mache technique serves it second purpose.

After the paint has completely dried out, put on the ornaments. Imagine putting them on the Thailand headdress without gluing them yet. When you're decided, finally glue the ornaments.

For the scepter, I thought of making a dragon head using wire sculpture and papier mache technique. I am worried because it's not easy. Fortunately, I found this at a Halloween station of a mall. I bought this for PhP129. Problem solved!

Spray paint the dragon head with the same color as the headdress.

For accents, add some colors on the lines of the dragon head. I used my nail polish in greens.

For the scepter handle, wrap it with fiber paper in green to match the costume theme.

Tadaa...representing the country of Thailand!

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