Sunday, September 24, 2017

DIY: UNO Costume for Girls - India

Actually, the first pair I made is this DIY: UNO Costume for Girls - India. But as of this posting, it's not finally done yet so I first posted the DIY: UNO Costume for Boys - Thailand.

Anyways, let's begin with measuring the length of the skirt from waist to the floor plus 5 inches so the shoes won't be fully seen when the skirt is lifted.

I chose red and yellow satin as India is known for these colours. With the fabric originally folded, lay it on a surface. Fold once again as shown until to the measured length of skirt.

Fold again from the corner to form a triangle as shown.

Cut in a curve manner forming a cone shape like in the photo.

Measure the actual waist first then divide by 6 inches. Without unfolding the fabric yet, measure from the corner with the quotient you got then cut in curve again.

Unfold the fabric...and you now have a circle! Honestly, I forgot to measure the waist that's why the hole in the middle is smaller. But it's okay, better to start with less so you can easily adjust.

Next, cut some strips of yellow satin fabric of about 5 inches width. The length will be determined with the waist measurement. Fold it lengthwise.

And sew it along the hole in the middle of circle skirt for the waistband. You can just cut the excess length of fabric.

Cut several strips of yellow satin with 2.5 inches width. Length is to be determined with the length of the hem of the circle skirt. Pin and sew it along the hem.

Pin and sew the other edge of the yellow satin with the red one.

This is the partial look of the circle skirt of my DIY UNO Costume for India Girl. Will manually sew some golden patches excited!

Next is the tube top for India Costume. Cut yellow satin which length is enough not to cover the tummy for a sexier look. The fabric is thin so I prepared 2 pieces and sew them side by side together.

Sew the edgings neatly and prep a part for the elastic at the upper part of the tube top.

Make a thin strip of fabric in same color. This will be attached to the back to hold the tube top together.

Final result of the tube top in back view. Whew!

Like the UNO costume I made for Thailand, I made these arm bands to achieve uniformity.

Drumroll...this is the final result of my DIY UNO Costume for Girls - India!

Will update this post later with the photo of my daughter wearing the costume and headress. See yah!

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