Saturday, November 11, 2017

How to Make a Christmas Tree Look Fuller

Instead of buying a new Christmas Tree, I am using the old one I had last year. The quality is just proportional to its price so it's time for a Christmas Tree makeover. Here's how to Make a Christmas Tree Look Fuller.

No need to buy a new one with the bulky look for this season. Save your budget for gift-giving. 😊 Just transform your current Christmas Tree in 3 easy F steps:

FLUFF out all the branches in all directions.

FILL the gaps with garlands.
5 feet garland for php99

FINISH with lots of ornaments and lights.

Christmas Trees are up since the start of ber-months. But I just had mine today. Some Christmas trees are decorated with the same way it is last year. But some don't...and being mom that's easily enticed with visual creation, that includes me. Last year, I had Blue and Silver Christmas Tree. Now, I Go for Gold. Yay!

Here's the result...the view of a fuller Christmas Tree.

Hang beads in a nontraditional way. Cut the beads like shown in the picture below.


There is no right or wrong way of decorating a Christmas Tree. Your style is the best design.

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