Sunday, December 10, 2017

DIY: Candy Cane Christmas Decor

What I like about Christmas is having the chance to use our creativity to decorate our home in any style we prefer. My kitchen paper towel rolls were already empty, upon seeing them my mind turned on the light bulb for DIY: Candy Cane Christmas Decor!

When you already have the empty kitchen paper towel roll, press gently so the deformed sides (if there's any) will go back to its original roll form.

Add another roll to increase its height. I used an empty milk box. If you have an extra empty kitchen paper towel roll, it would be easy to make this DIY: Candy Cane Christmas Decor.

***Tip: Put the roll you made inside the empty kitchen paper towel roll to follow the form then attach the ends of the new roll with a tape while it is still inside.

Make more rolls and cut one end diagonally to form a cane.

Crumple a paper and insert it into the upper hole of the cane.

Connect the rolls like shown below.

Wrap with white paper and prepare sheets of green and red construction papers.

Gather some ribbons. I already have these ribbons from last year's Christmas decorations.

Wrap the DIY Candy Cane like shown below with the materials mentioned above.

Create another DIY: Candy Cane Christmas Decor and repeat the steps above.

***I found it easier and better when you wrap the rolls you made with a white paper before connecting them to form a DIY: Candy Cane Christmas Decor.

And it's done! Sugar rush! You now have your easy and no-cost DIY: Candy Cane Christmas Decor!

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