Sunday, December 17, 2017

Family Reunion Planning

We have different ways in planning a family reunion. Some plan a year ahead, some just hired an event organizer to avoid hassles, etc. So let's begin with sharing how we did our Family Reunion Planning.

A family reunion provides a sense of belongingness and gives us the opportunity to rekindle relationships. Family reunion makes us know our own history and lineage. In addition to catching up, family reunions tend to be a lot of fun.

Family Reunion Planning is a long process but with the advent of Facebook, everything is in it's place.

✔Planning comes in a series of meetings.

First meeting - Nov 1. It is when the committees are decided.

Second meeting - Nov 25. Follow up meeting with the committee heads and secretariat.

Third meeting - Dec 3. Rehearsals for dance presentation by the BODs and songs for the holy mass.

✔Division of labor, so organizing committees is effective.

This family reunion is only for the siblings of my father so they are automatically appointed as Board of Directors. A little election happened or shall we say "appointings" 😄

Directors are the siblings of my father and the committees are those family members under him/her. These are the functions:
  • Event Head - overlook everything
  • Program - programme, venue, decorations. Invitations and giveaways if there are any.
  • Finance - budgeting and liquidation
  • Media - sounds, camera and video
  • Sports - prizes and equipment
  • Transportation - to and from the venue
  • Medic - nurses in the family on duty 😄
  • Secretariat - almost everything 😄
  • PRO - less task because Facebook is more efficient 😄
  • Security - to ensure safety especially for the kids because the beach is so inviting.

✔Know your bloodline.

The secretariat is assigned to list all the family members. I asked for the list for the ID kits. Here is a screenshot of the list from my phone.

With all glory to God, the family reunion was made possible and successful. Now, we are on the verge of planning for the next reunion which is open to all Baldapan Clan. Here is our family tree.

December is a perfect time for gatherings, catching ups and family reunions. Not only because everyone is expected to go to their hometown, but also because of financial blessings - 13th month pays, cash gifts and bonuses! Thus, it's a great way to make Christmas vacations worth more anticipating for.

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