Saturday, January 13, 2018

12 Organizing Ideas to Declutter

Having organized stuff makes us more comfortable in our own home. But the thought of decluttering a home is overwhelming that confuses us where and how to begin. Well, you can get started by decluttering your mind first and follow these 12 organizing ideas I did to our home.

One thing instilled in my mind during my job at a manufacturing company is the 5s method: sort, shine, sweep, standardize and sustain. It teaches us that every thing has its right place. Once you have proper storage, you will be organized, stress-free and save money because you won’t have the tendency to buy an item again because you already have it but was just kept or misplaced somehow.

Before you begin with your decluttering journey, get ready to get rid of the unnecessary piles. After the sorting process, designate a place, then sustain your clutter-free home by returning things to where they should be.

In our little home, (still under the long process of waiting to be renovated 😊) the only thing I can do for now is keeping it organized. Here are 12 organization ideas of decluttering our home:

1. Backdoor Pockets - I put here the school socks of my kids and other things that should be within reach anytime.

2. Drawer Box Organizers - I am a crafty mom so I have these stuffs that need organizing. To organize my drawers, I am using little boxes or packagings from other items.

3. Acrylic Makeup Organizers - I only have a few makeup paraphernalia so I also put here my nail art set and hairdo materials. Today, I am already using the one with 3 drawers.

 4. Glass and Toothbrush Container in One - The bigger compartment could contain a toothpaste.

5. File Organizer - The more pockets the better. When you're a wife, every receipt lies in your hands.

6. Toy Shelves - Assign a shelf for toys that are alike and teach kids how to keep them organized.

7. Clear Stackable Shoe Boxes - You don't have to open the boxes individually when you're looking for a pair of shoes. Save time and effort with this storage solution. With just one look, you'll get what you want.

8. Fold Vertically - I store my kids' clothes in a drawer cabinet and fold them vertically. It's easier to keep them organized even after pulling out their OOTDs. Then again, I am using empty shoe boxes for their undies and other bits.

9. Spiral Wire Band -  Keep your appliance wires tangle-free. 

10. Label your plug heads and use Extension Outlets with individual switches

11. Closet Hanger Organizer and Hooks - Closet for my kids' uniforms is now more spacious and the vertical space is utilized. Also with the costume accessories, they're more accessible and tangle-free.



12. Hanging Bag Organizer - To store my "designer bags" 😅

In decluttering your home, allow plenty of time or allot your weekends for this task as an organization doesn't happen overnight. Start with one area of the house then keep it moving. Lastly, tell your family members to adapt to your changes and sustain it.

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