Saturday, January 27, 2018

DIY: Costume Boots

Finding matching boots for a costume is time and cash-consuming. Instead of spending time, money and effort roaming around the city to buy one, I made this DIY: Costume Boots.

My daughter's costume is black and yellow, so I wanted the boots with the same colors. However, when you look around it's always pink or with animated character's name logo or shorter length.

Okay, less talking...let's start! Prepare the materials:
  • leather - I bought 2 meters for 50 pesos
  • shoes - I recommend shoes with heels, unlike what I bought. Also, mine is like a rubber material and it's for 100 pesos.
  • strong adhesive - I was looking for E6000 glue but I think that's not available in the country so I opted for rugby and mighty bond.
  • zipper and its head - If you have a zipper as long as the boots with its head or fly already good for you. Fortunately, I have few meters of black zipper in stock so not a problem.
  • fabric - The color should match to your costume.
  • basic sewing kit - scissors, thread, needle, pins, pen

Now, lay the leather flat on the floor with its front facing down. Wear the shoes and put the leg over the leather. Trace the shape up to the knee.

Give at least an inch allowance from the pattern then cut.

Make 4 patterns like the picture shown below.

Sew 2 patterns together at the front part of the boot.

Get the zipper and sew it on the other side or opening of the boot.

At the top part of the boot, sew a fabric about 2 inches with a color that matches the costume.

Put the leather over the shoe and pin the base part.

This is the initial look of the boots. I planned to glue the leather boots to the sides of the shoes, then cut the leather base to where the pins are, then support its adhesion by sewing. But at this moment, our home is under small improvement which made me short of time. So I've decided and brought this unfinished boots to a shoe repair shop and let him do the final touches for 200 pesos.

Here is the final look of the boots...with the model 😍😍😍

There will be times you feel like you've FAILED
but in the eyes, heart and mind of your child
you are a SUPERMOM!!!

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