Saturday, January 20, 2018

DIY: Tassel Earrings

Know the feeling when you're looking for a certain thing at a limited time yet it's nowhere to find? This issue always come in whenever my kids have an event at school. To ensure that my daughter's overall outfit would blend in, I have only one solution (as usual duh!) - DIY: Tassel Earrings!

The annual sportsfest at my kids' school is approaching. And my daughter's adviser told me that she's the contestant in the preschool category of the campus. As a mom, I am so excited! At that moment, the sports that my daughter will portray just popped into my head - car racer! Next is the idea for her outfit and the only accessory that came to my mind is a pair of tassel earrings. I was mall hopping for days in search of a gold or yellow tassel earrings. But it disappointed me to only see reds or blacks because of the fashion inspiration of the La Luna Sangre heroine, Jacinta, to conform her vampire role.
Photo Credit: @jayweehair IG

To start this project, prepare the following materials:
  • fringe yarn - the dressmaker who made my daughter's outfit has colorful fringe yarns in stock so I bought the yellow one for 15 pesos (the only cash out for this project).
  • earring hooks - I have lots of them from my sister who went to Divisoria and thought that they could be useful when they're in my hands. 😉
  • wire loops - optional. You could use beads as well.
  • scissors, needle and thread - thread should match the color of the tassels (of course!). You could use hot glue but my rule is to sew whenever possible as the results are better and lasting.

Roll the fringe yarn from one end until you get the desired volume of the tassel.

Cut and pull out a single yarn from the string to wrap up the tassel being made.

Secure the tassel by sewing the base of the ball form. Use a matching thread.

Pull out another strand of yarn from the string and loop through the hole of the earring hook.

Wire loop or bead can be added...optional. Attach the yarn to the ball form of the tassel. I mean sew.

After 5 easy steps, you now have a pair of tassel earrings!

But here's the funny part...just when I was about to finish the DIY: Tassel Earrings, my neighbor chatted me that she saw the color that I'm looking for. Uh okay! I told her to buy the 2 colors for my daughter's 2 sportsfest outfits and I'll just gift the one I'm making to a friend who loves yellow so much.

Anyways, tassel earrings are pretty and classic. Even if your OOTD is plain and simple, with tassel earrings you'll go noticeable!

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