Saturday, February 10, 2018

DIY: Party Standee Name

Standees are on trend these days as they add charm to the event. These are ideal for weddings, debuts and so, I also made this DIY: Party Standee Name for a 1st birthday party!

Been decorating events for some time and uploading my works on social media. Then one mom friend messaged me 2 months earlier that she needs my help for her son's first birthday. I've attended 2 debuts (7th and 18th) last year and both are using standees for the names of the birthday girls. These are the two debut parties I've gone that inspired me to do the standee name.
Tyla's 7th Birthday

 Mary Grace's 18th Birthday

This DIY project needs a lot of used carton boxes so gather them now! Other materials will be mentioned as we go through the keep reading. 😍

Cut out the letters of the name. Careful DIYers, my finger bleeds because of this fastidious project. Tsk! Luckily, the birthday boy has a 4-letter name only...I mean nickname. 😉

Make sure the height and width of the letters are all the same.

Let's continue the tutorial with the easy letter L...less instructions and pictures to show. 😄 Cut some strips of cardboard, having the same width again, for the sidings of the letter.

Attach the strips to the perimeter of the letter with a wide adhesive tape.

Tape, tape, tape...

The flat letter would now appear like a 3D and it can stand on its own even without a support.

Actually, R was the first letter I've done. My daughter thought it's for her birthday as her name starts with letter R too! 😊

Done with letter L, now standing.

Done with letter E too, one more letter to go! I did the letter Y last because it has lots of short cuttings to do for the sidings and at this moment I was running low of carton boxes.

The best part of having party standee is you can customize the design to match with your event theme. To make the design, lay the background sheet then the letter over with the front facing downwards.

Trace, cut, paste.

Cut your patterns and paste it onto the letter standee. Letter E for a tiger.

Letter R for a giraffe.

Letter Y for a zebra.

I had some neighborhood kids coming over to help. They like having DIY sessions with me too. 😊

The mom of the birthday boy loves the letter L but I personally love how the letter Y is created. The stripe patterns are in irregular sizes which I should've made to the tiger letter standee too...but let's move on, what's done is done. 😊

Taadaa!!! My very own DIY: Party Standee Name for a safari theme first birthday! These party standees would really give an event a very cool vibe and because of that, they are quite pricey as well, so why not make them yourself.

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