Saturday, March 3, 2018

Packing for a Flight with Kids

My 2 kids and I are going on a travel for an important purpose. This will be their first flight! Packing for a flight with kids is different from boat or solo travels so here I'm sharing my ideas.

First rule: ask around for the what is and what's not at the airport and on board. Some important tips:
  • Check your baggage limit.
  • Know what are the restricted items. Liquids should not exceed 100ml.
  • Bring a carry-on bag where you put your most important things (cellphone, wallet, keys, IDs, plane tickets, etc) which you should keep with you everytime.

Next, make a checklist. Whether you're staying in a hotel or relative's or friend's house, always bring your family's necessities. Here's my checklist to give you some tips.

Pack #1: 
- clothes for the main day
- bath towel
- toothbrushes (should be packed together with the bath essentials but they won't fit in there so I put them beside the bath towel)

Pack #2:
- sleeping attires
- going home outfits

When packing the clothes, roll the whole outfit together with the undies inside.

Pack #3: dry and wet wipes

Pack #4: powerbank, charger and headset. Don't forget to bring an adaptor if your charger has 3 plug pins.

Pack #5: body and skin care
- body lotion
- cologne
- petroleum jelly
- baby powder
- insect repellent lotion (most important)

Pack #6: emergency kit
- efficascent oil
- white flower
- bonamine
- ointment
- needle & thread (you never know when you'll have wardrobe malfunction lol)

Pack #7: bath essentials
- hair shampoo and conditioner
- toothpaste
- baby bath
- deodorant

Pack #8: the girly things
- facial cleanser and cotton pads
- pressed powder and lipstick
- comb, hair moisturizer and bands
- pantyliners

If we'll be out for more than 2 days, I'd bring our vitamins and my laptop.

If you've completed your checklist, start packing. Store them by group according to your list. Use clear resealable bags to avoid rummaging through your bag when you're looking for an item.

Orient your kids about your packing style so in case you're in a bathroom and forgot something you can just easily tell them to get it for you.

My kids are now grown up that means they can help me already by bringing their own backpack too. In their bags are their jackets, back towels, and snacks. I don't recommend bringing their celphone and iPad while traveling so they're packing something to make them busy: favorite books, notebooks, pens and crayons.

All our bags are packed and we're ready to go! Safe flight to you too, mommies and kids!

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