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Baguio City Tour Itinerary

The secret to exploring the place even in a limited time is having an organized itinerary. Here's how we DIY our Baguio City Tour Itinerary which is good for 1 day and a half only.

Widely known as "The City of Pines" or "The Summer Capital in the Philippines", Baguio offers not only the coolest temperature in the country but also a lot of tourist attractions scattered around the city.

Our starting point is from Holy Ghost Extension, Honeymoon Road where our Transient House is located. 

***Please check my other post for details of our booked Transient House.


From Manila to Baguio, we arrived at our Transient House at 2PM. We rested for a while, then at 4PM we started strolling around Baguio City proper.

Baguio City Cathedral

For me, as a believer, it's best to start our travel vacation with visiting one of the local churches.

Sky Zone
Just at the back of the Cathedral is the Sky Zone where you can have a warm coffee break or photo ops with the cold and foggy view as the background. 😊

Session Road
This is the commercial center of Baguio City where we shop and dine. We ate (strawberries and street foods) while walking to the next attraction.

Burnham Park
This is also known as Burnham Park Reservation, a historic urban park located in downtown Baguio which was designed by American architect and Baguio city planner, Daniel Burnham.

Boat ride with the gang can be enjoyed here. See below for the following rates:

After a tiring day or long road trips and strolling, we rode on a taxi to go back to the Transient House.

***Please check my other post about our Sagada Trip on Day 2.


It's costly but we recommend riding on a private vehicle or van for rent, because aside from the comfort, we can take stopovers and photo souvenirs easily.

Baguio City Tour only is PhP3000.00
Contact: Rey Giacao - 09995148667

Actually, we had no itinerary at that moment. We just researched for possible tourist attractions in Baguio and discussed through a group chat days before our flight. Then on the tour day, I made a list of the places to go and handed it to our hired van driver. From there, he managed our itinerary.

Lion's Head
Baguio City would not be complete without taking a souvenir photograph with the famous lion's head background which leads to Kennon Road.

Tip, buy a strawberry taho from a vendor and he'll take your group picture. 😊

No guests will be allowed after 5PM. Upon entering make sure you don't wear sleeveless tops or dress & slippers. Entrance fee is PhP20 per head for adults and PhP10 per head for kids 7 below.

Camp John Hay
There's a lot of activities to do in Camp John Hay:
  • Historical Core where the Bell House and Amphitheatre are located
  • Treetop Adventure Rides where the Superman Ride is
  • Eco Trail where you go for an easy hike of 600m
  • Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Cemetery of Negativism
  • Paintball
  • Horseback Riding
  • Hotel featured in LizQuen's My Ex and Why's movie

It was raining when we arrived at Camp John Hay but even if it's not I only wanted to see the first attraction - Historical Core.

Not to discourage you but here are the reasons why we didn't explore Camp John Hay. Superman Ride is just similar to zip line, we already hiked at Echo Valley during our Sagada Tour, there's Butterfly Sanctuary in our province Sagbayan Peak of Bohol, we already went to a cemetery in Sagada, paintball is everywhere in Cebu and we can't ride a horse so just taking a photo would be enough and it is there in Wright Park. Bitter besh? 😊😊😊

But we had our lunch there.

Wright Park
You can ride the horse around the park for PhP400 per hour or PhP200 per 30 minutes. We don't know how to maneuver a walking or running horse so we only opted for a photo souvenir. But there's a fee, PhP20 per picture. 😊😊😊 We couldn't take a photo at the featured shallow elongated rectangular body of water known as the "Pool of Pines" and the park circle because the place is already crowded when we got there.

Mines View Park
Located 4 km from downtown Baguio, the park gives the visitors a grand view of gold and copper mines of Itogon, Benguet. From the small observation deck,  tourists can have a view of the Amburayan Valley and adjacent mountains.

To make the sightseeing worthwhile, locals offer an Igorot costume rental for PhP25 unlimited use while in the vicinity.

The Mansion
This has been the official summer residence of the Presidents of the Philippines since the Commonwealth.

Botanical Garden
Also known as the Igorot Village as it features their native huts and this is their favorite location for rituals and tribal gatherings. There is no entrance fee but it's PhP20 per picture and when the Igorot folks are included in the picture, it's another PhP20 per head.

Unfortunately, it's raining again so we didn't step out from the van. We just passed by this tourist attraction which I know there are many beautiful nature views inside like the Replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, Korean Garden, A bridge on the Chinese Pavilion, Japanese tunnel, etc.

Laperal White House
This is known to be as the famous haunted house in the Philippines. Aside from spooky horror tales, this house also features a room full of art. We really wanted to see this house and experience the excitement, unfortunately, it's closed for renovation as the house is too old and some debris are falling already.

Tam-awan Village
We asked our driver what's inside and he said it is a reconstructed Cordillera village showcasing the traditional Ifugao huts and artcrafts. Not everybody in the group has the artistic personality to witness them so we just passed by.

Chinese Temple
We've already gone to Cebu Taoist Temple and thought they're just the same. Upon seeing the old paints of the temple, we decided to pass.

Stone Hill Mural Village
Located in La Trinidad, also known as Little Brazil for it is inspired by the colorful art favela (slums) of Brazil. The plan is to paint the houses forming a giant sunflower. This is featured in Blood Sisters and Ang Probinsyano teleseryes.

Strawberry Farm
Entrance fee for fresh strawberry picking is PhP450 and you can take out a kilo of their famous fruit.

Diplomat Hotel
This is another famous haunted spot we wanted to go but our driver said it's also under renovation.

Lourdes Grotto
We started the Baguio City tour with a religious act at Baguio City Cathedral so it's also best to end it with another form of religious observance. This grotto has 252 steps that will lead you to the replica of the Lady of Lourdes in France.

Night Market
Wagwag or ukay-ukay is rampant in Baguio City. Street foods are also available for you to enjoy at both ends of the long night market stalls.
Really Korean? 😁

Here's the summary of our whole travel vacation.

***Please see my other post about our Sagada Tour on day 2.

That's all! Hope our DIY Baguio City Tour Itinerary gives you an idea for your next summer getaway!

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