Thursday, July 19, 2018

Royal Child Academy: Nutri Quiz Bee

As part of Nutrition Month Celebration, Royal Child Academy held its usual quiz competition called Nutri Quiz Bee.

This year is the first time that the 5th RCA branch, Canjulao Branch, participates in the Nutrition Month Celebration. Nutri Quiz Bee was held in its new building where the representatives from 5 campuses convened.

Nutri Quiz Bee was categorized per grade level. There was an elimination round last July 3 during their respective Science subjects. The ones who got high scores will compete in the final round. So each level has 5 competitors, one from each campus. Among them are my kids from grades 1 and 3.
~ mock quiz bee at home ~

Nutri Quiz Bee took place in one of the new rooms of RCA Canjulao Branch, unlike last year where it was only at an open basketball gym. In addition to that, the school used projectors to display the questions. That way, the students can read along with their eyes in case they didn't hear the speaker - Madame Ana Lissa Dinopol herself.

The questions were divided into 3 rounds - easy, average and difficult. Photos were during Grades 1 and 3 only.

Grade 1 Level

Grade 3 Level

A clincher round was also given to settle the contest's final winner.

My kids didn't top the Nutri Quiz Bee but it's still their pride (and mine of course) to represent the campus as this is their first Quiz Bee ever!

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